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"Liberals lie, scream, and cry when they don't get their way like a bunch of babies." Are they comparing us to WALLSTREET? We aren't crying for bailouts sweety, or lieing to recieve bonuses. Check yourself and your system. And by the way, want to be a liar? Introduce yourself to Ann Coulter.


"Why do Liberals need to know everyones business?" First off, what the hell are you talking about? And second, that is a ridiculous claim to which one could easily responde with why to republicans have to interfer with everyone else's business? Gay marriage, abortion, and George Bush who wire tapped us?

"He should be stoned!" Jesus couldn't have said it any better. Doesn't love thy neighbor strongly imply not killing them? Or stoning them in this case?

"liberals do suck, but i would take it a bit further and say they are ruining our lives!" Yes because freedom and health care for all is ruining lives more than sending off our baby soliders to die.

"If you think your wallet is taking a beating now just wait until Nazi Pisslosi, Cherry Rude, and B. Insane Osama get through with providing you with FREE health care." Wallet taking a beating? 95% of taxes went down under Obama, so if your wallet is taking a beating you might want to ask Bush. And while your at it, check out the cost of health care because free refers to not paying, does it not? People making under 88 thousand would be subsidized and if you are making over that, you can afford to be taxed.

"Hang on to your wallets and purses peope. Global Warning Bullshit is gonna cost us more in taxes" Once again, taxes did go down. Having said that, look out side and realize global warming is a reality and something needs to be done about it. If you want to ignore science, read the bible about the world ending in fire.

"You would have to be an absolute idiot to believe that 9/11 was an inside job." I don't think it was but I do think we handled it badly and more to the point, we did have prior knowledge of world war II hense grounding the planes before the attack so is it so inconcievable that our government would lie? If you believe that our government is perfect and that Kennedy was shot by a lone gunmen, I have a bridge I'd love to sell you.

"ObamaCare is simply a leviathan of a lie, whose only practical impact for generations to come will be increased welfare state dependency on government, greater government intrusion, and control over people's personal lives and privacy" Privacy? Like George Bush ignoring the constitution and illegally wire tapping all the citizens? Government intrusion? Like telling people who they can and can not marry and if a women has a choice over her own body? We are the only industrialized country without health care and yet if we can't afford it, how can they? Think this through, seriously.

"Ignorance can be cured by knowledge. Stupidity can be cured by bullets. I stock up on both!!" Yes, because bullets is the answer to any debate. Just kill those who disagree with you.

"All Liberals can eat my A*S! Go educate yourselves on the history of America and stop watching NBC! Liberal media is full of lies and full of shit!" Go do your history. Our forefathers build a good country that we have since destroyed. Seperation of church and state, freedom and liberty for all, freedom of religion... And look up the scandles and lies fox news has told over the years. Blame liberal media but meanwhile Fox news is calling Americorps nazis when they are volenteering to help build homes. Quoting high school pranks as a legitimate source. But hey, NBC is liberal therefore evil. They are probably French too.

"had Al Gore and Bill Clinton acted on the advice of Col. North back in 92, Bin Laden wouldn't be around to have orchestrated 9/11" And tet Bush gave him two months to run and still hasn't found him so if another attack happens, are you going to blame him? Nope, he's not a liberal therefore he can make mistakes. Let me sit here and read this children's book for seven minutes and then tell government opps to wait two months before going after Bid Laden.

"This is how stupid liberals are. They are for abortion, yet they don't realize that keeping their baby means that they can raise more... liberals." We don't think like republicans, thank you. We aren't sending kids to church on sundays and then to a shooting range and brainwashing our children to think gays deserve to die but love thy neighbor. You are right, let's all have our unwanted babies and then when they turn 18, send them to die for oil.

"It's because Libtards (just added that word to my spellcheck) don't have any facts for ammunition against conservatives in order to keep a topic going." Is our children educated? I misunderestimated you... Words of genious from a conservative. Your president didn't even know the facts, the weapons of mass destruction or anything about Iraq before he sent youngins' to invade it. And sorry, we don't make up facts like Ann Coulter. And nice to know you use spellcheck for your facebook comments.

in the words of the great Ronald Reagan speaking on liberals "its not that theyre ignorant, they just know so much that isnt so" Good quote, coming from a man who ruined our economical system by letting himself become a puppet for corporate controllers. The rich get richer and the poor get poorer until the middle class is gone and we now each owe China 6 thousand dollars a piece. How are the other liberal countries doing? I don't see them borrowing money from China. When was the last time France or England needed help because there economical system collapsed?

"I am catholic and 100% conservative and damn proud of it" Jesus would be proud of you denying his people health care, focusing on the rich which by his words will have a hard time getting into heaven, telling people who they can and can't marry, and killing thy neighbor he told you to love. I must have missed the parts in the bible that Jesus had a gun and ignored the poor.

"Liberals need to be put in a mental hospital. They just can't deal with reality. All they do is hate on Palin, Bush, Cheney, Limbaugh, fox news, and anything that has to do with the right wing. Liberals are scum! They support terrorists by allowing them into the US and by giving them rights. Liberals are ignorant, unintelligent, and they don't use logic. They call anyone that doesn't agree with Obama a racist, a redneck, a bigot, and other names. They are too stupid to see that Obama is a fraud and a liar. They worship him and act like he is the best president ever. I'm so proud that I'm not a liberal. If I was, then I would hate myself." I love how every one of these liberals haven't used facts to support there absurd claims. When do we support terrorists? Bid Laden didn't get away while we were in office and we didn't give him time to run. Wasn't it the Bush family who knew him? Who worked with Sadam back when he was supposed to be a good guy? How come other nations hated us but like us now that Obama is in office? Why would England, a coutnry superior to us give Obama the nobel prize and telling him to do what he says he's going to do? Don't insinuate all liberals are just name callers because I have never called an Obama hater a racist, just a gun totting, bible thumping control freak but never a raciest. Ignorant, unintelligent, illogical? Really? Back that up with something, seriously. We can't all be as intelligent and logical as George Bush was. I mean, "is our children learning" was just so well put.

"just realize that the 2 facts you have about issues won't stand up good against our 9,000,000,000" I haven't read a single fact on the page, much less 9,000,000,000. And there was no reason to use the word 'good' in that sentence.

"she does help us by showing the typical liberal, a person who, when faced with an argument, goes and insults the person who actually has facts to get out of the argument sounding like the bigger person." Bill Maher. Michael Moore. Richard Belzer... They use facts and make Bill O'Reilly look stupid but ignore everything that doesn't agree with your statement. It's the republican way. (And his next response to the girl was "Bitch alert." Yes because that is a great way of debating that doesn't just insult the person. Oh wait, that is exactly what it does.

"act your age instead of your shoe size..but then again you are liberal so...your ability to process logic is very...poor." 1. An attempt to be original might be nice. 2. Process logic? Logic is by definition a method of reasoning so how do you process reasoning? And of course logic would be virgin births, a man living in a fish, an old man grabbing two of every animal... as well as not believing birth certificates.

"Liberals ignore facts" 98% of teabaggers against Obama's tax plan thought taxes went up when in reality 95% went down and are protesting something they don't even know. Universal health care is very possible, look at Canada, England, France, Cuba but republicans continue to insist we can't afford it? How do they? But our money is much better spent in a war we shouldn't even be in. That's productive for our country. Let's fix Iraq but not New Orleans.

Tough Love activites

15 things I like about myself - I think I'm pretty.  Genious IQ.  Great writer.  Very sweet.  Concerned friend.  Compassionate.  Make others smile.  Try to be happy.  Good education.  Hard working.  Like taking care of others.  Deticated.  Passionate.  Creative.  Good sense of humor...

Relationship issues: Physical contact.  Talking to new guys.  Being closed off. 

My regular issues: Self concious.  No self esteem.  Needy of my mom and my besties.  Obsessive compulsive.  Over thinking, over anaylizing and worrying.

Mr. Right wish list: Athletic.  Relatively successful.  Outgoing.  Comforting.  Great sense of humor, happy-go-lucky..  Taller than me, baby face and nice hair are a plus !!

Drama 101

"The declaration of independence and constitution was written in ENGLISH.  And we were part of England, hense the battle of independence from them." My response to the people who say they don't have to speak English in America because it's not "our official language."

Searching for an identity

"Time warp, NWO members on Spike and HBK and Brett on USA?"  <-- Tommy Dreamer.

"She chose McDonalds and Blockbuster and visit animal shelter. She is so my kid" Said Tommy Dreamer. 

Now something David Wells said resignates.  About how Giambi and him hit it off because they both love rock music and burgers.  Why is it so easy for guys to find BFF's but most girlfriendships don't last?  I complain but I don't want to drive to visit Dana on 6-11 since she won't visit me here.  But I love her along with Heather and Teri and my old girls.  Right now though, I want to focus on making myself the best I can be for a career in journalism.  I want to go out but I want to go out to Yankee events.  I miss the sleepovers, family singalongs, faygo showers, big wheel skateing and dancing and the shopping with my best friends but I'm 21 now.  Outside of going out shopping and to dinner, what else is there to do?  I'm not the best bowler.  I like mini-golf but it can get boring.  And there is no place to get together to play poker and dance although that would be awesome.

I want more but I don't know what that entails.  My plans are to get a job and to get a tan and work out and to focus on bettering myself.  Do I like to cook now?  What sports am I good at and like to play?  I need to find more about myself.  That is what a semester off is for.  I want to be the best I can be by August when school starts again.  I need to better myself and build up my confidence but also know who I am.  My strengths, weaknesses, identity...  I obviously have more balls than I thought but I overthink.  I'm scared of people judging me yet I love to argue and defend myself and my friends.  I am scared of saying something wrong so i try to keep quiet even when I know I'm right but yet I love to debate at the same time.  I'm a mass of contradictions.

When I can see and when I work out though, I feel in my best form.  I haven't tried to do it before going out and being social.  It just makes me think better about being able to do it.  I need to work on building up my self esteem so I can do what I want to do and be who I want to be.

"What would you rather do, live as a monster or die as a good man?"

You like to think you are the best part of me but I confess, there is nothing left of you here.

Pardon me for saying so but you look more pitiful than I had ever imagined despite perfect fashion. And your photographs depict you so differently I always thought you would be, some sort of match for me.

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