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With my two hands I give my heart, and crown it with loyalty

Let me rip out this ghastly pages from my notebook of the damned

29 August
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Facts My name is Kelly but most call me RingZzZ. I have two tattoos, a butterfly and a claddagh. I have two books published, the origin of the rose and boxscore of violence. I'm in college majoring in Communication Studies with a minor in English at East Stroudsburg University. I want to be a sports reporter. Or a TNA wrestler :). Whatever gets me a pool and a hot tub not far from the ocean.

A fan of yankee fan, patriots fan, jersey devils Drinking, coffee, red bull, the beach, pools, hot tubs, politics, baseball autograph signings & vacations.

Other Stuff I have a guitar that I can barely play but I love to pretend to be a rockstar. I'm a very carefree, easy going person. I love having a good time and enjoying what life has to offer. I try to see the best in people and myself. Enjoying life with new experiences is my goal. I agree with Joba of waking up with two purposes, making someone smiling and having fun. I'm not as optimistic as I sound but I'm getting there. I'm always interested in new friends from new places.

Characters welcome :).

1918, a clockwork orange, a.j. burnett, agnostics, aj styles, alex rodriguez, amusement parks, announcing, art, baseball, baseball jerseys, batting cages, beating the red sox, beer, bettering myself, bill maher, boondock saints, boston, butterflys, cafes, caffeine highs, carinvals, castiel, catchers, catfish hunter, ccr, celtic crosses, celtic knots, celtic music, celtic rock, champagne, chirping, chocolate, circuses, claddaghs, cold stone, college, crime, dancing, dean winchester, democrats, derek jeter, digital cameras, digital photography, dragons, drawing, dreaming, drinking, dropkick murphys, emery, enigma, evans blue, family feud, fantasy, fights, free thinkers, glam rock, goalies, godiva, graphic design, greenday, guitars, hardcore, hockey, hockey jerseys, hollister perfume, horror, horses, hot baseball players, hot hockey players, icons, infielders, insane clown posse, ireland, irish culture, irish jigs, irish pubs, j.r.r. tolkien, jamie langenbrunner, jersey devils, jerseys, joba chamberlain, jon lester, jonathan papelbon, josh beckett, journalism, juggalos, kendall grove, kevin nash, legends, leonardo dicaprio, liberals, literature, martin brodeur, matt damon, melky cabrera, michael moore, mindless self indulgence, motor city machine guns, mythology, myths, new england, new jersey devils, outfielders, patriots, phil hughes, pitchers, pitching, poetry, politics, reading, red bull, rings, ripped jeans, rock and roll, rock music, role play, rollercoasters, ron guidry, roy halladay, rushing the mound, salem, sarcasm, singing, sno-cones, sports announcing, sports journalism, sports reporting, supernatural, tattoos, the beautiful people, the crow, the departed, thrillers, thurman munson, tim burton, tito ortiz, tna wrestling, traveling, twiztid, ufc, violence, vodka, wicked shit, winning, writing, yankees, yes network, zach parise,